Photo Gallery: Ozzy Osbourne's Guitarists Throughout the Years

If you've ever been asked to play guitar for Ozzy Osbourne, you're either a master virtuoso or you're still dreaming. It's arguably the most celebrated gig in rock and roll, and Ozzy has kept a rotating who's who of heavy metal guitar gods by his side since going solo in 1979.

After recording and performing with Black Sabbath for more than a decade, Osbourne knew an integral part to his solo success would be finding a suitable guitarist to make up for the absent Tony Iommi. Ozzy hit paydirt in 1979 when he made one of the greatest discoveries in heavy metal: a young, classically trained player from Southern California named Randy Rhoads.

With Rhoads, Osbourne relaunched his career with Blizzard of Ozz. Osbourne's collaboration with the pioneering guitarist, however, was short-lived as Rhoads died tragically in a plane crash in 1982.

Undeterred, Ozzy moved forward, working with a succession of talented musicians. Below is a visual guide to Ozzy's six-string sidemen, from his first days out of Black Sabbath to today.

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