Bitchstraps Takes the Guitar Strap to a New Level

Bitchstraps has taken the guitar strap to a new level.

A complete redesign of the guitar strap adjustment allows for easy length changes while wearing the strap. With a tug of the proprietary tailpiece, the strap quickly adjusts to the exact height preference of the player. With a simple maneuver, the strap also can be extended without removing the guitar.

In addition to the unique adjustment, Bitchstraps products feature a number of accessory holsters to accommodate a capo, slide, wireless unit and even drumsticks.

All Bitchstraps products are made from supple, soft-milled leather and are designed and manufactured in Nashville, Tennessee. The straps are riveted, rather than sewn, allowing for a lifetime guarantee of the workmanship. The soft leather conforms to the body of the user for a new level of comfort.

The company's fashionable styles, designs and colors create the sense of a custom strap. Each item is adorned with a special Bitchstraps "concho" that makes a unique statement.

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