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100 Greatest Guitar Solos: No. 50 "Shock Me" (Ace Frehley)

“I basically did the same solo every night on that tour, with minor alterations, so I had it kind of planned out when I did it the night we recorded it for Alive II album,” Ace Frehley says.

"But if you listen carefully to the ‘Shock Me’ solo, you can hear me make a mistake about two thirds of the way through.

"Instead of tapping a B at the 19th fret of the high E string, I accidentally hit the A# note at the 18th fret—that’s definitely a wrong note for the scale I’m using.

"We could have fixed it in the mix, but I said to Eddie [Kramer, Alive II producer], ‘Screw it! Leave it in. The run sounds cool, so who cares—it’s rock and roll!’ ”

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