A String-Bending Crash Course

Awhile back, guitar instructor Sean Daniel put out a video that provides a complete crash course on string bending.

His Telecaster in hand, Sean demonstrates the basics of the technique as well as more advanced aspects of string bending. Topics covered here include supporting the bend with multiple fingers, hand position, when to bend up and when to bend down, unison bends, and choking off bends at the top of the pitch.

In addition, Sean explores the “tactical advantage” to bending the middle strings upward, as it allows you to pick the open higher-pitched strings during the bend. He also gives tips about the art of bending, emphasizing that you shouldn’t worry about getting perfect pitch with your bends but think about it more as a way to add expression.

Take a look. And when you’re finished, stop by at Sean’s YouTube channel, where you’ll find plenty of other great, informative videos.