Learn 100 Chords Rooted on the D String in Nine Minutes

(Image: © Cindy Moorhead)

Learn 100 chords in nine minutes. Impossible, you say?

Not at all, says Sean Daniel. As you might recall, in two previous videos Sean demonstrated how to root nine chord shapes on the E string and another nine on the A string, teaching you a total of 216 chords.

In this video, he teaches you nine different moveable chord voicings, all rooted on the D string. These compact shapes are great alternatives to E- and A-rooted chords and sound great when accompanying another guitarist playing E- and A-rooted chords. They also leave more sonic space for the bass guitar.

All in all, these are handy shapes to know. And you can learn them all in just nine minutes.

Visit Sean’s YouTube channel for more of his videos.