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Exclusive Lesson Video: Bob Balch of Sun and Sail Club Shows You How to Play "Held Down"

Today, presents an exclusive lesson video featuring guitarist Bob Balch of Sun and Sail Club, a new band that features members of Fu Manchu, Kyuss and the Obsessed.

The song in the lesson, "Held Down," is from the band's debut album, Mannequin, which was released November 19 by Satin Records Recordings.

Sun and Sail Club features Bob Balch of Fu Manchu (guitar/vocoder vocals), Scott Thomas Reeder of Kyuss/the Obsessed (production/bass) and Fu Manchu drummer Scott Reeder. The band describes their sound as being inspired by "Devo, Voivod, Kraftwerk, Torche and Slayer, as much as by Aswad, Joe Pass and Wes Montgomery."

Adds Balch, "The riffs are heavy and the vocoder vocals are full of harmonies. I wanted a super-heavy groove that would support angelic vocal harmonies. I think we have achieved that."

For more about Sun and Sail Club, visit them on Facebook.