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Metal Guitar Tribute to the History of Video Games — Video

Below, check out this semi-recently posted (May 29, 2014) video of a talented YouTube dude — FamilyJules7x — playing a mighty fine (and decidedly epic) metal tribute to the history of video games.

FamilyJules7x posted a lot of info with the clip, including:

"I made this during the same week as my last year of college finals and during hell weeks for numerous other projects, rendering me very little time to work on it.

The time restraint gave me one day for arranging, one day for drum programming, one day for all the mixing and mastering and one day to edit this beast of a video. This is because recording the audio took four days.

"Things didn't go to plan; namely, I wish I had had more time to practice with the green screen and make sure all the shots would work with it — and I wish I had more time to mix and master."

If FamilyJules7x looks or sounds familiar, it's because we posted this: "Guitar Cover of 'Super Mario Brothers RPG' Theme — Video" in early June.

To check out the GEAR USED IN THE VIDEO and on the recording, and for a COMPLETE LIST OF SONGS AND START TIMES, look DIRECTLY BELOW the video. As always, enjoy! And be sure to tell us what you think of the clip in the comments or on Facebook!

Gear Used on This Recording:

  • Rhythm Guitars: Gibson Explorer
  • Clean Guitars: PRS SE Custom 7 String
  • Lead Guitars: Schecter Damien FR
  • Bass Guitar: Ibanez Soundgear SR405QM
  • Classical Guitar: Cordoba C7
  • Ocarina: STL Zelda Tenor
  • Drums: Toontrack Superior Drummer

Song List and Starting Times:

0:07 Pong
0:17 Gunfight
0:21 Space Invaders
0:30 Pac-man
0:37 Frogger
0:46 Dig Dug
1:01 Phozon
1:10 Tetris
1:34 Super Mario Bros
2:01 Legend of Zelda
2:32 Punch-Out!!
2:55 Super Mario Bros. 2 - Character Select
3:11 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
3:36 Super Mario World - Athletic Theme
4:04 Sonic - Scrap Brain Zone
4:20 Street Fighter II - Vega's Theme
4:45 Mortal Kombat
5:17 Star Fox
5:52 Donkey Kong Country - Gang-Plank Galleon
6:04 Donkey Kong Country 2 - Snakey Chantey
6:24 Pokémon - Gym
6:48 Goldeneye
7:26 Ocarina of Time - Intro
8:08 Medal of Honor
8:39 The Sims
9:10 Animal Crossing
9:42 Battlefield 1942
10:14 Wind Waker
10:39 World of Warcraft - Song of Elune
11:05 Civilization IV - Baba Yetu
11:41 Twilight Princess - Hyrule Field
12:29 Super Mario Galaxy - Gusty Garden Galaxy
12:54 Fallout 3
13:23 Braid - Downstream
13:43 Mass Effect 2 - Suicide Mission
14:11 Skyrim - Sons of Skyrim
14:41 Super Hexagon - Focus
15:00 Last of Us
15:21 Dark Souls II - Longing

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