Chords: Tammy Wynette "The Ways To Love A Man"

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Below is a user-submitted guitar tablature for the song "The Ways To Love A Man" by Tammy Wynette, one of several user-submitted tabs to be found on  

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Artist: Tammy Wynette

Song: "The Ways to Love a Man"

Album: Ways to Love a Man / Tammy's Touch

G                 C              G

There are so many ways to love a man 

    C       D7             G

And so many things to understand

    C                     D7

And if there ever comes a time 

    B7                    G

You decide to change your mind

                   C              G   C

I'll need a way to hold you and I can

           G            C              G

Cause I'll know all the ways to love a man

                    C              G

But there's so many ways to lose a man 

   C              D7                G

So quickly he can slip through your hands

    C                 D7

One little thing goes wrong 

     B7               G

Then all at once he's gone

                   C               G       C

I'd have no way to hold him like I planned

         G                  C             G

It takes more than just one way to love a man

        C              D7

With my hands my heart anything I can find 

   B7               C

My child my home my soul and my mind

G                    C              G   C

I'll know that I can hold him yes I can 

     G            C              G

If I know all the ways to love a man