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Paul Gilbert Discusses "Blues Vs. Metal"

(Image credit: Epsilon/Getty Images)

Here's an interesting clip we stumbled upon this afternoon.

It's a semi-recently shot video of Paul Gilbert discussing the differences between blues and metal guitar playing.

And, if we can take it a step further, the advantages of blues guitar over metal guitar.

"Of course, there's great things in that style [metal], but harmonically it's kind of limiting—at least for me, and I played it for a long time," Gilbert says. "You just kind of run out of ideas. I can't change those notes; there's no other options."

If you happen to read Italian, be sure to check out a story about this topic—and this video—right here at The Accordo headline is "Paul Gilbert: perchè il blues è meglio del metal," or, "Paul Gilbert: Why blues is better than metal."