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How a Soundman Can Make Every Band’s Gig a Living Hell

If you've ever played in a club, this one's for you.

It's a witty new video, titled "Soundman: The Art of the Grumpy," that—hilariously—parodies everyone's least-favorite part of a gig, the eternally grumpy sound guy (or, in some cases, woman). In fact, it documents the tale of a sound man so grumpy, so disgruntled, so unbearably hostile, that he has become a prominent figure in his local music scene.

The video, which was shot in Canada, is spot on, not to mention very funny, and captures several classic "sound guy" moments and sentiments, including:

• "Very little of doing sound is actually about sound. I mean, it's about creating a negative energy."

• "I've actually never turned a singer's vocals up in his monitor, ever."

• "Drums, can you not play for two seconds?! I said bass!"

• "I take smoke breaks about as often as possible. I don't personally smoke, but it's just a crappy thing to do."

• "Some nights, bands will say I'm an asshole. Those are nights when I know I've done my job, and I'm moving forward as an artist."

The short film, which you can check out below, is by Ryan Long and The Hard Times (Long also plays the sound guy). For more great stuff—including stories and videos—by Long & Co., head here.