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Review: Musicvox Space-inator Guitar

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When the zombie apocalypse arrives (it’s coming, folks, trust me) I’ll be ready, driving north in my Unimog with a five-year supply of Dinty Moore canned beef stew in the back and a Musicvox Space-inator guitar riding shotgun up front. The Space-inator’s razor-sharp headstock is ideal for stabbing zombies in the brain from the vantage point of the Unimog’s elevated riding position, and the guitar’s ultralight weight means it’s less likely to get dropped in the heat of battle, like a Les Paul or a Tele might. Best of all, the Space-inator is a shredworthy ax that sounds great plugged into a solar-powered amp when I play with my band, New World Godz.


Known in its previous incarnations as the Strataspear, the Space-inator is an unusually compact guitar with a 25 1/2–inch-scale 24-fret neck. Electronics consist of a single-coil/mini-humbucker/single-coil pickup configuration, a five-position pickup selector switch and a concentric master volume/master tone knob. Despite its minimalist design, the Space-inator delivers plenty of style and attitude thanks to its spearhead headstock shape and arrowhead body shape. Neck-through-body construction and a string-through-body tailpiece produce vibrant, resonant tone similar to that of a standard-size body, and the body shape allows easy access all the way to the 24th fret. (Musivox also offers a matching bass with a neck-through-body and 34-inch scale.)


It may be small and weigh just over four pounds, but the Space-inator sounds surprisingly big and full. The noise-free single-coil pickups and mini humbucker are slightly hotter than vintage pickups, producing fat tones with aggressive attack and excellent definition. The single/humbucker/single configuration is versatile, creating the roar of full-size bridge and neck humbuckers at the “in-between” (2 and 4) settings and the sizzle and sparkle of single-coil pickups at the bridge- and neck-only positions. The Space-inator’s shallow C-shaped neck and jumbo frets provide playing action that’s as comfortable as the guitar’s weight.

Paul Riario

Paul Riario has been the tech/gear editor and online video presence for Guitar World for over 25 years. Paul is one of the few gear editors who has actually played and owned nearly all the original gear that most guitarists wax poetically about, and has survived this long by knowing every useless musical tidbit of classic rock, new wave, hair metal, grunge, and alternative genres. When Paul is not riding his road bike at any given moment, he remains a working musician, playing in two bands called SuperTrans Am and Radio Nashville.