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Prime Day guitar deals 2021: dates confirmed and everything you need to know about this year's Amazon Prime Day event

Prime Day guitar deals 2021: dates confirmed and everything you need to know about this year's Amazon Prime Day event
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Amazon Prime Day 2021 has now been confirmed as taking place on June 21 and 22, and promises over 2 million killer deals. Judging by last year's display, we're expecting Prime Day guitar bargains on everything from electric guitars and amps, to effects and recording software, plus great offers on other cool music gear like headphones, speakers and laptops.

While Prime Day is Amazon's own invention, plenty of non-Amazon retailers get in on the price-slashing action too, so keep your eyes on the likes of Guitar Center, Musician's Friend and others. This page is your place to find out all the latest information, the retailers who will be taking part, plus all the very best Prime Day guitar deals.

The place to go for great pre-Prime Day discounts is the Guitar Center Gear Up To Gig sale, which is offering up to 20% off a range of gear, from Fender guitars and amps, to bass gear, microphones and PA systems. 

Prime Day guitar deals: Early deal highlights

Gear up to gig with up to 20% off at Guitar Center
Get ready to take center stage with mega discounts on everything from electric guitars, combo amps, keyboards, and portable PA systems at Guitar Center. The gear up to gig sales event offering musicians up to 20% off everything you need to be stage ready. You have until 23 June to grab yourself a bargain. View Deal

D'Angelico Excel DC: Was $1,699.99, now $1,099.99
Deals on guitars don't get much better than this. The folks over at Musician's Friend have slashed the price of this gorgeous hollow body to only $1,099.99 - that's a saving of $600! With that kind of money off, who could blame you for treating yourself to a new amp as well - certainly not us. If the black finish isn't for you, this mega-deal also extends to the transparent grey finish. View Deal

D'Addario EXL110 XL 10 Pack: Was $42.99, now $32.99
You can never have too many electric guitar strings, right? REgularly changing strings no only improves your tone, but also the life of your frets. It's always more fun to spend your money on new pedals or guitars, but if you don't change your strings regularly enough, then you're not getting the best out of your instrument. As an early Prime Day surprise, Adorama is knocking $10 off a ten pack of D'Addario EXL110 XL electric guitar strings, so get changing them and get playing! You have no excuses now!View Deal

Apple M1 MacBook Pro (256GB): $1,299 $1,149.99 at Amazon
Save more than $149 on this 13-inch MacBook Pro at Amazon US, with M1 power, 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage. Logic Pro and GarageBand are already fully compatible and other DAWs and plugins are starting to follow suit.View Deal

Prime Day guitar deals: Early electric deals

Fender Player Stratocaster Ltd Edition: $749.99, now $599.99
It’s hard to find fault with the iconic strat at the best of times, especially when you’re channeling your inner Gilmour. Rich bass, a punchy mid-range and biting treble makes this Limited Edition Player Strat a truly versatile beast. Not only does this Strat scream Gilmour, but it looks killer in its own right. It’s the perfect guitar for those universe-swallowing reverbs and delays, or as many shreddy lead lines as you can throw at it. As if it couldn’t get any better, save a massive $150 as part of Guitar Center’s ‘Gear Up To Gig’ sale. View Deal

Fender Player Stratocaster Surf Pearl: £749.99, now $599.99
What is the perfect number of Strats to own? Turns out it’s one more than what you already have - and with Guitar Center’s ‘Gear Up To Gig’ sale in full swing, now you can afford a few more too. This Limited Edition Player Series offering is hard to beat, with stunningly good looks and classic Strat tones aplenty. Finished off with three Player Series Stratocaster single coils and an unmistakable ‘Fender’ Surf Pearl finish, this versatile beauty is up for anything you throw at it. Save $150 at Guitar Center until June 23rd. View Deal

Squier Classic Vibe ‘60s Jazzmaster: Was $429.99, now $349.99
Squier’s giant-killing Classic Vibe range is perfect for anyone, from beginners to experts - and the ‘60s Jazzmaster can attest to that. All of those iconic Jazzmaster tones are right at your fingertips with the traditional Jazzmaster trem and electronics. An Indian Laurel fingerboard and ‘C’ shaped Maple neck provide an ultra comfortable playing experience, and the throwback vibe that Squier does so well is catered for via the vintage-style frets. Grab the Surf Green model for $349.99, or the Shell Pink option for $359.99 until June 23rd. View Deal

Fender Player Strat HSS: Was $809.99, now $649.99
Are you looking for a contemporary Fender Stratocaster? Well, look no further than the Fender Player Stratocaster HSS Plus. This ultra-modern guitar is capable of producing searing lead tones as well as the crisp, clean tones you’d expect from a Strat. Right now, you can get a whopping $160 off! View Deal

Squier Bullet Tele Red Sparkle: Was $199.99, now $169.99
Looking for a Telecaster that will help you stand out from the crowd? Well, you may want to take advantage of the $30 off this Red Sparkle Squier Bullet Tele. The Bullet range is the perfect beginner guitar, combining the playability Fender is known for, stunning finish options, and all at a super affordable price. View Deal

Squier FSR Bullet Telecaster: Was $179.99, now $149.99
The red sparkle finish not really for you? Well, why not keep it traditional with this FSR (Factory Special Run) Butterscotch Bullet Tele. Same guitar as the model above, but in a more understated finish.View Deal

Squier Bullet Telecaster Rosewood: Was $179.99, $149.99
Okay, you’d prefer a rosewood fingerboard? Well, Guitar Center has an option for that as well. This limited edition Bullet Telecaster pairs the dark rosewood ‘board with the classic Surf Green finish - resulting in a guitar that looks streets ahead of its entry-level price point.View Deal

Squier Bullet Mustang HH: Was $179.99, now $149.99
It has taken Fender far too long to expand their beginner electric guitar range to include some of the more adventurous shapes, such as the offset icon that is the Mustang. Featuring a dual set of humbuckers, this nifty little guitar is ready to rock. Available in the Olympic White or Surf Green finish, with $30 off.View Deal

Squier Classic Vibe '70s Jaguar: Was $479.99, now $399.99
Next up is the king of the offsets and Leo Fender’s favorite design - the Jaguar. The retro-inspired guitar pays homage to the Jaguar of the ‘70s, with block inlays, bound neck, and alnico pickups. This wicked guitar is available in Daphne Blue and our personal favorite Shell Pink!View Deal

ESP LTD EC-256FM See-Thru Black: Was $499, now $399
The LTD EC-256FM is a true rock and metal machine, with a Mahogany body and set neck construction - a tried and tested formula capable of creating some stomach-churning filth. With a flamed Maple top and Rosewood ‘board the final classy touches for this utter beast, you won't be left wanting more. The EC-256 caters for loads of musical scenarios, with coil-splittable ESP humbuckers on board. If that wasn’t enough, there’s $100 off too. Thanks Guitar Center!View Deal

Ibanez RGAR42MFMT Blue Lagoon Burst: $499.99, $379.99
Ibanez are the ones to beat when it comes to the best guitars for metal. The solid Mahogany body and flamed Maple top are the first things you notice about this killer axe, and you can be sure it both looks and sounds out of this world. The super shreddable Wizard III Maple neck provides playability and speed that is synonymous with the Ibanez name, and a pair of Quantum humbuckers deliver both classic and modern tones. This RGA is a killer choice for any guitarist, and with $120 off until June 23rd at Guitar Center, this deal just got even better. View Deal

Prime Day guitar deals: Early acoustic deals

Epiphone Masterbilt DR-400MCE: Was $399.99, now $319.99
Epiphone’s Masterbilt series showcases fantastic build quality at an affordable price. The DR-400MCE features a solid sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides, alongside a mahogany neck and eSonic HD preamp. Add in the cutaway, and you’ve got a bright, punchy, massive sounding acoustic-electric guitar that’s ultra playable, even up in the higher frets. With $80 off, Guitar Center has made sure that this early Prime Day offer is ultra affordable too. View Deal

Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE: Was $699.99, now $559.99
The Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE acoustic electric wonderfully combines traditional construction methods with modern reliability. Crafted from premium all-solid tonewoods including a sitka spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides, the classic combination of materials creates a near-unbeatable tone. Paired with a Fishman preamp and pickup, this Masterbilt creation will sound as good plugged in as it does unplugged. Guitar Center has knocked a monumental $140 off as an early Prime Day treat. How kind. View Deal

Prime Day guitar deals: Early amp deals

Positive Grid Spark: Save $30/£21 & get a free gig bag
If you’ve been lucky enough to crawl out from under your rock in the last year, you’ll likely know all about the Spark from Positive Grid. A smart practice amp powered by the BIAS tone engine, the Spark can recall one of over 10,000 tones for you to enjoy. With smart features such as Smart Jam and Auto Chords, the Spark can be a powerful practice tool, or one of the most ridiculously fun desktop amps on the market. Save a tasty $30/21, grab a free Traveler gig bag, and even save an extra $10 with the code SAVE10View Deal

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV: Was $849.99, now $799.99
A powerful, reliable amp is one of the most critical elements of any gigging musician's rig - and they don't come more reliable than the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. Widely considered one of the most popular valve combo amps of all time, the Hot Rod Deluxe will handle any size of stage, from small bar gigs to full-on theater shows. The 12" Celestion A-Type speaker delivers a clear, balanced sound, while the 40W of power offers a tremendous amount of clean headroom. Top that all off with a classic Fender spring reverb and vintage tweed styling, and you have one remarkable amplifier. View Deal

Prime Day guitar deals: Early effects deals

Line 6 HX Effects: Was $599.99, now $499.99
The HX Effects from Line 6 is one of our picks for the best multi-effects pedals, and with an extra $100 off, this early Prime Day deal is one you won’t want to miss. The HX Effects’ repertoire consists of over 100 effects taken from the award-winning Helix series, so super high quality fuzzes, drives, reverbs and delays are the order of the day. You can run up to 9 effects at once on this beast too, so you’ll be able to create near enough any tone your heart desires.View Deal

Ibanez Nu Tube Screamer: Was $249.99, now $129,99
A collaboration between Ibanez and Korg, the Ibanez Nu Tube Screamer incorporates Nu Tube technology in order to produce a more tube-like, natural compression and dynamic response. With a mix control to blend in your clean tone and true bypass switching, you’re getting the features that we’d usually only see on a boutique creation. ProAudioStar has made this killer ‘screamer even better, slashing the price by a huge $120 in time for Prime Day. View Deal

Prime Day guitar deals: Early bass deals

Markbass Little Mark III Head: Was $649.99, now $549.99
Markbass quickly established themselves as industry leaders in compact, portable, and loud bass amps. The Little Mark has long been the company's flagship offering, and it's easy to see why it's loved by so many bass players. It may look small, but don't let the size fool you. This robust little amp delivers a whopping 500W RMS and weighs in at only 5.07lbs, making it the perfect gigging companion. So, suppose you are looking to upgrade your bass rig ahead of upcoming concerts. In that case, you'd want to keep the Markbass Little Mark III in mind - especially with a mega saving of $100.View Deal

Prime Day guitar deals: Early accessory deals

Sennheiser XSW-D Pedalboard Wireless Bundle: $399, $349
Sennheiser’s XSW-D Pedalboard set reinforces their reputation as one of the best in the business. The super durable pedalboard-mountable signal receiver - that also doubles up as a tuner - allows you the freedom of a guitar wireless system without the worry of your signal dropping out. With a 5-hour battery life and up to 75m range, the XSW-D is a great choice for any performing guitarist. Included is a SKB moulded hard case, making this wireless system perfect for the road - and a saving of $49.99 from ProAudioStar makes it even better.View Deal

Prime Day guitar deals: Early software deals

Waves’ PRS SuperModels: Was $129.99, now $35.99
If you’re into recording your guitar, you’ll understand the pain of never being able to dial in your tone just right. That’s where Waves come in, with their fantastic PRS SuperModels amp plugins. Created in collaboration with Paul Reed Smith himself, you’ll have access to superb models of the PRS Archon, Dallas and Blue Sierra/V9 amps - making dialling in your recording tones easier than ever. Waves has slashed the price on this bundle twice as an early Prime Day treat, so make sure you use the code SPARK40 to get your extra 40% off.  View Deal

Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 & AMP 2: up to 50% off
Let’s hear it for the music makers this June with great savings to be made on Positive Grid’s BIAS products. If you’re familiar with Positive Grid then you’ll already know how powerful and impressive their BIAS software is. With BIAS FX 2, you’ll be granted access to a massive library of amazing guitar effects, and BIAS Amp 2 allows you to play through your favorite amps - or design your very own. Save up to 50%, and enjoy an extra 10% off with the coupon code DADSGRADS. View Deal

Prime Day guitar deals: Early laptop deals

Apple M1 MacBook Pro (512GB): $1,499, $1,349.99 at Amazon
Make a saving of over $149 on the M1-equipped MacBook Pro at Amazon US, with 8GB RAM and 512GB of storage.View Deal

Apple M1 MacBook Air: Was £999, $949 at Amazon
Save $50 with this meaty discount on a brand-new MacBook Air with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD at Amazon US. Available in Space Grey, Silver or Rose Gold.View Deal

Apple M1 MacBook Air: $1,249, $1,189 at Amazon
Another big Apple laptop discount - $60 - but this time on the M1-equipped MacBook Air complete with 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD at Amazon US.View Deal

Prime Day guitar deals: Early streaming deals

Get up to 4 months of Amazon Music Unlimited free!
Get access to more music than you could ever listen to in your lifetime and pay nothing! Amazon Music Unlimited offers millions more songs than Apple Music or Spotify.View Deal

When is Prime Day?

Prime Day 2021 dates confirmed

(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon Prime Day usually takes place at some point in July. Last year, for obvious reasons, it was delayed until later in the year, instead taking place on 13 and 14 October (that's right, Prime Day is not actually a single day event at all, despite the name), offering 48-hours of deals, sales and discounts.

It has now been confirmed that Prime Day will return to its usual mid-year slot, with two days of bargains taking place on June 21 and 22. You can keep tabs on any further developments at Amazon's own Prime Day page.

Do you need a Prime subscription?

If you want to take advantage of Amazon’s Prime Day guitar deals the answer is a big fat yes. Amazon always offers free trials to those who haven't used the service before, so if you were feeling tactical you could sign up for a free trial closer to the event, grab the most enticing bargains and then cancel your subscription once the items are in your hands, but we didn’t tell you to do that...

There are plenty of perks to being an Amazon Prime Member, of course, including faster delivery options, exclusive deals and access to Prime Video, so it could be worth becoming a fully paid up member if you're a regular Amazon shopper.

At the time of writing, a monthly Amazon Prime subscription costs $12.99/£7.99 (which you can cancel at any time) and a yearly option is $119/£79.

Where to find the best Prime Day guitar deals

Prime Day guitar deals: A guitar wall in a music shop

(Image credit: Getty/Bradley Olson/EyeEm)

The various lockdowns of the last 12 months have seen an unprecedented rise in the number of new musicians and lapsed musicians returning to an instrument, and particularly the guitar, so we have faith that Amazon will cater to this new wave of guitarists and musicians by lining up plenty of fantastic Prime Day guitar deals.

Will other stores be offering Prime Day guitar deals?

In 2019 and 2020, in addition to Amazon, there were great guitar discounts doing the rounds from Fender Play, Musician’s Friend and Guitar Center, plus Walmart and Best Buy on everything from beginner acoustic guitars to reverb pedals. We’re hoping for more guitar activity from retailers including Sweetwater and Pro Audio Star in 2021. We heard whispers of some great guitar offers on the horizon, so watch this space.

Although it’s an Amazon invention, Prime Day has always created a buzz and gets people in the mood for a bargain. Because of this, we’re confident more retailers will get involved with great Prime Day guitar deals this year. 

Last year we also saw certain retailers offer discount codes of up to 20% on a whole range of a great guitar gear.

What else should I look out for on Prime Day?

With Prime Day being an Amazon invention, it's likely you'll find money off Amazon's own products. So, if you've been thinking about purchasing an Amazon Echo device, like the music-friendly Echo Studio, or the compact Echo Dot, Prime Day could be the time to get a big discount. In 2020, Amazon was running deals on its smart speakers with bundles that included free subscriptions to their Music Unlimited streaming service.

Looking for something else? While we’re covering all the best Prime Day guitar deals, our pals at TechRadar will be hunting down the best deals on everything else - from video doorbells and pet food, to coffee machines and smart watches - so head over to their Amazon Prime Day deals page for the latest offers.

Prime Day guitar deals: Last year's deal highlights

These are the best Prime Day guitar deals from last year. Keep your eyes peeled this year for similar offers.

Get three packs of Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys for just $9.99
No other string set on the market has the perfect blend of durability, performance, sound and price that Ernie Ball's Regular Slinky set brings to the table. Last year you could get three packs of these ultra-dependable strings for just $9.99.

Martin Dreadnought 000X1AE acoustic: $599 $499
This gig-ready mid-range acoustic-electric guitar is ready for the stage, with a solid spruce top and in-built Fishman preamp. This was a bargain on a genuine Martin acoustic.

Fender Road Worn ’50s Tele (Metallic Purple): $1,099, $899
Just look at it: this relic’d Metallic Purple stunner is a verified rarity on the Telecaster market, and with $200 slashed off the asking price, it was a damn good deal to boot. Two Tex-Mex single coils, a three-saddle bridge and Road Worn maple neck sealed this particularly good deal.

Save $150 on Gretsch's Streamliner G2420T
Featuring Gretsch's BroadTron humbucking pickups, a 12"-radius rosewood fingerboard with pearloid block inlays and 22 medium jumbo frets, plus a Bigsby-licensed B60 vibrato tailpiece, the G2420T is stylish in both looks and sound.

Epiphone Hummingbird Performer PRO: only $399.99
You could get your hands on this beautiful-sounding, gorgeously decorated acoustic-electric for $50 during Amazon Prime Day. With a mahogany body, solid sitka spruce top, pau ferro fingerboard and Fishman electronics, this guitar's a truly reliable workhorse.

Squier Limited-Edition Bullet Telecaster: now only $149.99
In the market for your first electric guitar? You couldn't go far wrong with a Squier Bullet Tele. Featuring a basswood body, ergonomic C-shaped neck and effortlessly playable Indian laurel fingerboard, this guitar will keep you playing comfortably for hours on end.

ESP LTD M-400: was $799, now only $449.99
Prime Day served up almost $350 off this incredibly well-spec'd electric guitar. With a mahogany body, three-piece maple neck and Seymour Duncan humbuckers, the M-400 has the looks, the tones, and the effortless playability factor.

Prime Day guitar deals: Last year's electric guitar deals

Get a Schecter Guitar Research C-6 Elite for only $239.99
Some of the world's top metal axemen play Schecter, so it's fair to say the California company knows a thing or two about producing riff-ready electric guitars. This C-6 Elite boasts Schecter-designed Diamond Plus humbuckers, a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard and thin-C satin maple neck, and seeks to be wielded by a worthy shredder such as yourself.

Jackson Special Edition JS22-7 DKA-M Dinky 7-String: $169.99
A seven-string for under $200. That would be good enough, but try $170 for Prime Day. Jackson has a reputation for being a metal instrument specialist, so if you're looking to expand your collection into seven- territory, this one's a safe bet. With a solid basswood body, one-piece maple neck and 24-fret maple fingerboard with black piranha inlays, you're getting so much value for money here it's astounding.

Epiphone Les Paul Special II Plus: only $194.65
With a flamed maple top over a thin-profile mahogany body, a smooth 22-fret rosewood fingerboard and a pair of Epiphone open-coil humbuckers, this guitar provides sizzle, snarl and superb playability, to boot.

Ibanez RG6003FM: was $349.99, now $279.99
This beautifully-spec'd model is a member of Ibanez's RG series – its most popular. Featuring a gorgeous flamed maple top over a mahogany body, a Wizard III neck and jatoba fingerboard, the RG6003FM is built for both speed and versatility.

Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro-III Plus: $699 $499
Guitar Center really spoiled us with this ridiculous deal on one of the most highly spec'd Les Pauls on the market. Not only is this single-cut beauty packing Gibson USA humbuckers, but there are coil-split, boost and phase switching options to boot. Available in Ocean Blue and Heritage Cherry Sunburst.

Fender Player Stratocaster, Black: $699 $599 at Guitar Center
Looking to snag that David Gilmour swag for less? This limited-edition black Player Strat was your ticket to Pink Floyd vibes, while its trio of articulate single coils will have your leads shining. This was a crazy diamond of a deal.

Fender Player Strat in Surf Pearl: $699 $599 at Guitar Center
For anyone who likes a little more retro in their guitar finishes, the Player Strat was also available with $100 in this sharp Surf Pearl finish.

Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro V Flame Top - $2,799 $2,399
The result of a collaboration between Gibson and Guitar Center, the Trad Pro Vs team tradition with advanced features. So, while you get the good looks of a classic flame maple-topped Les Paul, there's also a weight-relieved mahogany body, asymmetric profile mahogany neck with compound-radius fingerboard, and Gibson Tradbucker pickups with coil-split, coil-tap and phase options. This was a seriously versatile guitar with $400 off.

Save 25% with $125 off the G&L ASAT Classic Ash
Last year you could get the Limited Edition Tribute ASAT Classic Ash electric guitar for just $374.99 down from $499.99 by clicking on the link and entering the special coupon code word rocktober at the checkout.

Hagstrom Fantomen Ghost signature: now 25% off
Channel your own ghoulish noise through Hagstrom's Fantomen Ghost signature model, guaranteed to take you from the pinnacle to the pit. Using the coupon code rocktober you could get 25% off, bringing the price down from $979 to $734. Available in Gloss White, Gloss Black and Tobacco Sunburst finishes.

ESP LTD M-400: was $799, now only $449.99
You could have saved almost $350 on this incredibly well-spec'd electric guitar. With a mahogany body, three-piece maple neck and Seymour Duncan humbuckers, the M-400 has the looks, the tones, and the effortless playability factor.

Jackson X Series Soloist SL5X FSR: now only $549.99
$150 savings were possible on this certified metal shred machine today. Featuring a poplar body, one-piece maple neck, Seymour Duncan-designed HSH pickup configuration and a Floyd Rose bridge, everything about this axe screams heavy.

Ibanez RG450EXB: was $399.99, now $249.99
With an impressive spec set at a mouth-watering price, this metal-ready shredder boasts Ibanez Quantum pickups and a Floyd Rose tremolo system. Perfect for melting faces on Prime Day. View Deal

Prime Day guitar deals: Last year's acoustic guitar deals

Epiphone AJ-220S Advanced Jumbo acoustic: only $269
This fantastically well-rounded acoustic guitar features a solid sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides, SlimTaper neck profile and granadillo fingerboard. It's a spec set that would usually see it sell for $448, but during Amazon Prime Day, it was available from Sam Ash for only $269.

Martin Dreadnought 000X1AE acoustic: $599 $499
This gig-ready mid-range acoustic-electric guitar is ready for the stage, with a solid spruce top and in-built Fishman preamp. This was a bargain on a genuine Martin acoustic.

Save $50 on Yamaha's FX335C Dreadnought acoustic-electric
With a spruce top and nato back and sides, single cutaway for easy upper-fret access, rosewood fingerboard and piezo pickup system, there's few better options in the sub-$200 acoustic guitar market.

The Yamaha F335 acoustic - now 20% off!
This acoustic gives users the feel, tone and classic looks of a dreadnought at a ridiculously affordable price point.

Prime Day guitar deals: Last year's amp deals

Positive Grid Spark 40 | Was $299, now $269
Practice amps don't get any more powerful than this! With 40 amp models, 30 effects and a host of smart tech under the hood, you can be sure that you'll be making the most of your guitar practice time with the Spark. From jamming to backing tracks, to teaching you the chords to your favorite songs, or the 10,000-plus tone presets, you're not going to get bored quickly. The full-range sound reproduction means you can use it for bass and acoustic too! 

Blackstar Studio 10 KT88: was $549.99, now $399.99
Loaded with Blackstar's proprietary ISF circuitry, an FX loop, onboard reverb, toggleable overdrive and loads more, this astonishingly priced workhorse combo is perfect for any setting.

Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 10 V2 10W Combo Amp: now $99!
Featuring six different channels, 12 effects and six enhanced voices to choose from, this entry-level amp from Blackstar has great bang-for-your-buck value to begin with. For Prime Day the price was slashed to $99 from $129. Simply irresistible.

Prime Day guitar deals: Last year's effects pedal deals

Laney guitar effects pedals: save 20% at Musician's Friend
The legendary UK amp brand has ventured into pedals in recent years – with spectacular results. Five of its pedals were available with a 20% discount at Musician's Friend: the Black Country Customs Spiral Array Chorus, Monolith Distortion, Secret Path Reverb, Steelpark Boost and Tony Iommi Signature Boost.

IK Multimedia iRig Stomp I/O - $299.99 $249.99
Team the iRig Stomp I/O with your iOS device, and it becomes a handy self-contained multi-effects-style unit for practice with headphones – but also provides the practical means to use AmpliTube on stage or switch effects on the fly. On Prime Day it was available with $50 off at Musician's Friend.

Peterson StroboStomp HD: $139 $111 at Musician's Friend
It's one of the best tuner pedals on the market right now, and for Prime Day you could save an almighty 20% on the asking price for a limited time. Peterson tuners are famed for their accuracy, and the StroboStomp HD's high-definition screen has never made it easier to tune up fast. And that's not to mention the true bypass switching and over 100 onboard 'sweetened tunings'.

MXR M66S Classic Overdrive pedal $59 $39 at Guitar Center
If you’re looking to add overdrive without changing your fundamental guitar or amp tone, MXR has you covered with this no-nonsense drive pedal – at an insanely low price for Prime Day.

Boss ME-80 Multi-Effects Pedal: $299 $249 at Guitar Center
Positively crammed with killer-sounding Boss effects and amp models, the ME-80 is one of the best budget multi-effects pedals you can buy. And with $50 off at Guitar Center, it was one of the best FX deals of Prime Day.

Pigtronix Infinity Looper 2: Get 15% off!
Spend $170 at Musician's Friend and you got a pedal with a number of control options and a dual-loop design that allows you to switch between parts during recording or overdubbing.

TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay pedal | $119, now $99
No matter how cramped your pedalboard, you can find room for this teeny delay pedal – and thanks to TC’s TonePrint technology, it can handle just about any delay sound you can think up, too.

Save $50 on the 'Stomptrooper' edition of Line 6's HX Stomp
For just a hair under $600, you got space for 126 presets, over 300 effects and amps, the HX Stomp's trademark triple capacitive-footswitch setup and a whole lot more - all with a sleek, decidedly galactic look.

Prime Day guitar deals: Last year's bass guitar deals

Fender Special Ed. Deluxe PJ Bass Seafoam Pearl $899 $799
Looking to eke extra tones from your P-Bass? The PJ Bass is the answer, combining Precision and Jazz Bass pickups in one instrument. This very special PJ Bass goes one further, teaming a P-Bass body with a ’70s Jazz Bass neck, complete with block inlays. $100 was slashed off the asking price for this Seafoam Pearl-finished model at Guitar Center, making it an absolute steal.

Squier Classic Vibe ’70s Precision Bass Surf Green $399 $329
If you’re looking to take your first steps in bass, there is no better brand than Squier, and this Classic Vibe Precision Bass is an absolute winner, with a Fender-designed Alnico split-coil pickup, and a slim, comfortable C-shaped neck. And with $70 off over at Guitar Center for Prime Day, there had never been a better time to buy.

Fender Player Precision Bass, Ocean Turquoise: $725 $599
Not only can you not get this especially stunning example of a Precision Bass anywhere but Guitar Center, but it was available with a tidy $125 Prime Day discount. Classic P-Bass looks and playability should make this a shoo-in for your bass collection.

Squier Contemporary Active Jazz Bass: $80 off @ Sweetwater
This tricked-out take on the Jazz Bass was available with a whopping $80 discount, bringing prices down to $399 for a four-string, and $449 for a five-string. Even better, this active humbucker-loaded bass is available in four Sweetwater-exclusive finishes – Satin Black, Midnight Satin, Burgundy Satin and Olive Satin – complete with roasted maple necks and fingerboards.

Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. StingRay Bass in Black: $70 off
Featuring a low-noise humbucking pickup, 2-Band EQ, a 9V powered active preamp and individual Volume Hi and Low Cut/Boost controls, this gorgeous bass both sounds and looks like a top-grade instrument - and for $229, down $70 from its usual $299, was an absolute steal at Guitar Center.

Prime Day guitar deals: Last year's guitar accessory deals

Get 2 packs of these quality acoustic guitar strings for $14.99
Reinvigorate your acoustic guitar's sound with a fresh set of strings. This 12 - 53 gauge set delivers a warm, bright and balanced tone that lasts. Oh, and for Prime Day you got two packs, so you wouldn't need to buy new strings again for a while – depending on how much you play, of course...

Gator GT-BASS-TP Transit Bass Guitar Gig Bag: only $79.99
Got a bass guitar that needs protecting? Look no further than the Gator GT-BASS-TP gig bag. Complete with 20mm foam padding and micro-fleece lining, your four-string won't see even the smallest scratch.

Get this 3-pack of patch cables for just $14.99
These short instrument patch cables are perfect for use with pedalboards, and feature rugged metal connectors with secure nickel contacts, so you know you'll never have any signal interruptions.

Mogami 18 ft Guitar Cable Straight to Right Angle: $32.79
At an affordable price point, this hand-assembled, performance-tested cable is a monstrous 18 feet long, perfect for small to medium stage settings.

Gator Flight Pro TSA Series ATA Electric Guitar Case: $119.99
Travel stress-free with this convenient, compact electric guitar case. With a tour-grade casing, TSA-approved locking center latch that's ideal for air travel and a host of protective features, this case'll keep your beloved instrument safe and sound.

Save $10 on a new Perri's 2" Jacquard guitar strap
You could bag one of these super-comfortable, ultra-stylish guitar straps at half price as part of Guitar Center's Guitar-A-Thon sales event during Prime Day. Available in four color variants, you're bound to find the right strap to fit your style.

Save $5 on D'Addario's NS Reflex Capo at Guitar Center
Assuring buzz-free, in-tune performance at any fret, D'Addario's NS Reflex Capo is a solid option for anyone looking to change key on the fly. Additionally, a lightweight aluminum construction adds negligible weight to the neck of your guitar.

D'Addario Equinox Headstock tuner: only $14.99
This super-precise, ultra-portable headstock tuner will serve your tuning needs for ages to come. With a highly sensitive vibration-detecting piezo sensor, you'll get accurate tuning readings every time.

Line 6 Relay G10S wireless system: $249 $199 @ Guitar Center
The best guitar wireless system you can buy got even better, thanks to this tasty Prime Day discount over at Guitar Center. Wander up to 130 feet away from your pedalboard and enjoy crystal-clear 24-bit audio from this top-notch guitar accessory.