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Add tremolo and dirt to your sound with Mattoverse’s new TremStortion

(Image credit: courtesy of Mattoverse)

Looking to add some tremolo to your sound? Maybe a little dirt? How about both?

Then look no further than Mattoverse’s TremStortion, a new effect pedal that, in the company’s words, offers up “wacky waveforms and gallons of gritty gain.”

The pedal boasts controls for rate, depth, waveform, output and gain, along with a three-position toggle that allows for placing the tremolo pre-gain, post-gain or “mystery inversion.”

Features include eight waveforms (ramp up, ramp down, square, triangle, sine, sweep, random pulse and random slopes), as well as onboard tap tempo and rate sync input.

There’s also top-mounted jacks and true bypass switching.

The TremStortion is available for $179. For more information, head to Mattoverse