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GW live at NAMM 2020: See LR Baggs' advanced new Soundscape acoustic guitar pedal up close

NAMM 2020: LR Baggs has a deep history of crafting terrific acoustic guitar pedals, and its latest creation - the appropriately-named Soundscape - seems to be no exception. In fact, the company says the pedal produces a more accurate representation of an acoustic's true sound than that of any pedal the company has created in its 40-year history.

Using a smartphone's microphone and processing power via the Acoustic Live app, the guitar pedal captures an acoustic's voice. This voice is then loaded onto the Soundscape via the company's proprietary Voiceprint technology, effectively bypassing the guitar's pickup signal. 

Intrigued, we asked LR Baggs' Director of Sales and Marketing, Mike Newsom, to explain the process to us in greater detail, which he happily did.

You can learn more about the pedal in the video above, and be sure to take a look at more of our comprehensive NAMM coverage as well, while you're at it!