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Pentatonic scales for guitar (beyond the blues!)

Elixir Strings
(Image credit: Elixir Strings)

In this short electric guitar tutorial, Phil Short shows you how to use a couple of approaches over a simple two chord major key progression.

Targeting specific notes from the scale and choosing which approach to use and when, you’ll soon be able to solo confidently over major changes without sounding cliché! Phil uses Elixir Electric Strings with OPTIWEB Coating for their long tone life, perfect tone, tuning and intonation. Check them out:

The pentatonic scale is the classic “guitar player’s scale”, and used throughout blues, rock and metal styles - it’s probably the first you ever learned! But there’s more to the pentatonic approach than just minor key shredding or soulful blues. With a little knowledge, using pentatonic scales works great over major progressions and extended chords - something that guitar players sometimes struggle with.

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