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Watch Kiko Loureiro React to Videos of Other Guitarists Playing His Solos

Kiko Loureiro recently posted a video to his official YouTube page showing the Megadeth guitarist reacting clips of other players covering his solos.

Among the many tunes that are covered in the video are “Dilemma” and "Escaping," from Loureiro’s 2005 solo album, No Gravity, and "Conquer or Die!” and “Dystopia,” from Megadeth’s most recent album, 2016’s Dystopia.

Regarding the “Dystopia” cover, which is performed by a young boy, Loureiro exclaims, “How old are you? 11? 12?” After the boy pulls off the particularly difficult hybrid-picked section of the solo, Loureiro comments, “That’s hard—I know!”

You can check out the full clip above.