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Lesson: Song Structure Basics

Song structure (or lack thereof) can definitely prove to be a source of considerable frustration, especially for new writers. You might have a great collection of hooks or parts, but how you string them together can really make or break a tune. ... …

Songcraft: A Songwriter’s Pocket Checklist

Though often reserved for the mundane realms of the shopping cart or office Post-It note scene, a good checklist can be a helpful tool in any situation — a collection of stripped-down, simple reminders that quickly focuses the mind toward the core of the matter. ... …

Songcraft: A Guide to Structured Songwriting

In my musical travels, I’ve found there are generally two types of songwriters; those who create solely when inspiration calls and those who write via a structured work schedule. If, like me, you fall into the former, waiting-for-that-lightning-to-strike category of writers, this blog post is for you. ... …