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Gear Review: Snapz Bridge Pin Pullers

Here’s a little something I was delighted to get in my mailbox.

Snapz Bridge Pin Pullers logically address a pesky problem that none of us like to face.

You’ve been there.

It’s time to change the strings on your acoustic, and when you go to remove the bridge pins, well, they just won’t budge.

So you pull a little harder, all the while trying not to scratch your guitar, or have your pin pop out suddenly and go flying across the room. Stressful, right?

Enter this handy little pocket-sized doo-dad.

It’s made of two pieces of non-scratching molded plastic that slide in and out. Slide the ring up, and then the pin puller’s post fits securely over the bridge pin when a light bit of pressure is applied.

Next slide the ring back down and it locks the pin into place so that when you pull it out, the pin doesn’t make an unexpected exit into the unknown.

Give a tug with the convenient handle and the pin just pops right out, so you can get on with the job at hand.

I’m gonna be sure to keep one of these in my guitar case from now on. Great idea!

Find out more about Snapz Bridge Pin Pullers here: