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Angel Vivaldi: What's on My Playlist

1. The Smiths, Meat Is Murder

“This is, hands down, my favorite Smiths record. I found myself rediscovering their catalog over the past few months and was reminded of how great the songs are on this record. While not overly technical, Johnny Marr’s guitar work influenced an entire generation of guitarists.”

2. Evergrey, Recreation Day

“This album has it all: soaring melodies, captivating riffs and guitar solos that will make any guitarist want to play. The amount of melodic content on this record is through the roof!”

3. Devin Townsend, Transcendence

“I recently discovered Devin’s catalog, and I must say I’m blown away. Everything—from his melodies, arrangements and lyrics to the production—is top-notch.”

4. Vulfpeck, Fugue State

“These guys are unreal. They’ve got lo-fi, vintage grooves for days! The bassist in particular is an absolute legend—his lines are sheer perfection. A great example of a band that knows how and when to let each instrument do its thing.”

5. Jolly, The Audio Guide to Happiness

“They’re incredibly versatile but still somehow manage to maintain their own signature sound. Imagine Muse meets Karnivool.”

Vivaldi's new album, Synapse, is available now.