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Exclusive Lesson, Part 1: Guitarist Bill Hudson Shows You How to Play "E.G.O."

Here's an exclusive video lesson by guitarist Bill Hudson of Circle To Circle.

This time, Hudson shows you how to play one of his new solo tracks, "E.G.O."

In the first clip, Hudson plays the entire song all the way through. The second clip is the first part of lesson (This is a two-part lesson; expect part two next week).

"This time we're gonna go through one of my instrumental songs," Hudson says. "It's structured like a regular pop song — verse/chorus — and those parts are pretty pronounced. There are some really tricky parts on this one, so pay attention to details and use a metronome.

"The whole song is basically in D aeolian (D E F G A Bb C), but I play around with the 5th a lot, adding the blue note and temporarily using the A harmonic minor scale (A B C D E F G#). Of course, the Dm pentatonic is the one I use the most. Be careful with all the chromatic runs. Those are a lot trickier and hard to play clean than you would think!"

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