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Lewis De Jong of Alien Weaponry: What's on My Playlist

(Image credit: Reef@RadarPhotography)

1 “This Fire", Killswitch Engage

"It combines really heavy, thrashy riffs with a melodic chorus. I like that it’s got so many diverse things going on in it."  

2 “Grace”, Lamb of God

"It has a really beautiful melodic intro, and then it just smashes into this really heavy 'fuck shit up' riff. I just love Mark Morton’s guitar playing; he is a genius." 

3 “Frisk Me Down”, Katchafire

"I’ve always liked reggae in a minor key, and every single instrument in this song complements the others so well. And they are New Zealanders and Maori, like me, so there is a strong connection between us." 

4 “The Living Dead”, Shihad

"I love the opening riff, and how well the drums work in that song. And they are another iconic Kiwi band." 

5 “Lenny”, Stevie Ray Vaughan

"Stevie Ray Vaughan is the reason I started playing guitar when I was 3 years old. It’s such a good instrumental piece, with so much emotion in it. It’s a really peaceful song."