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Paul Riario Demos Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner — Video

In this new video, Guitar World's Paul Riario demos the new Roadie automatic guitar tuner.

The Roadie automatic guitar tuner, which was created by Seattle-based startup Band Industries, interfaces with your mobile device via Bluetooth and automatically tunes your guitar by physically rotating the guitar’s tuning pegs.

To tune up, you simply attach the handheld device to a single peg, select a tuning (standard, open G, etc.) on the Roadie app, pluck the string and let the handheld device do the rest of the work.

Roadie is sleek, easy to use and, most importantly, extremely accurate.

What really sets Roadie apart is its mobile app, which listens to a plucked note using your phone’s internal microphone before communicating with the tuning device. Despite a smartphone mic’s obvious limitations, the app is as responsive as a high-end floor tuner. Within the app, you can select alternate tunings for a number of stringed instruments, ukulele, banjo or mandolin, or even create your own custom tuning.

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