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Betcha Can't Play This: "The Dominizer" by Angus Clark of Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Here's a fast run up the fretboard that I call "the Dominizer" because it’s based on a dominant seven arpeggio, specifically, A7 [A C# E G].

In the first two bars, I play the arpeggio classical-style through several inversions on the top three strings, four notes up, then four notes down, with a quick position shift every two beats.

Beginning on beat two of bar 3, I reach my final A7 in 17th position and break away from the strict classical approach and segue into a blues lick that descends across the strings, adding some hammer-ons and pull-offs to get a more fluid feel.

I incorporate what are called approach notes. Notice in bar 3 how I precede the major third, C#, with the minor third, C, and the fifth, E, with the sharp fourth, D#. In bar 4, I use D# as a descending approach note to D, the fourth. For the pick hand, I’m using a combination of alternate picking and economy picking in bars 1 and 2 and through beat one of bar 3.

Practice the run slowly at first, using the indicated pick strokes and fingerings and paying careful attention to nailing all the position shifts.”