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The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach: "Is Rock Music Dead? I Don't Really Care."

In an issue of Rolling Stone last month, the Black Keys caused quite a stir when they proclaimed rock and roll was dead.

"Rock & roll is dying because people became OK with Nickelback being the biggest band in the world," said drummer Patrick Carney. “So they became OK with the idea that the biggest rock band in the world is always going to be shit – therefore you should never try to be the biggest rock band in the world."

(Nickelback later issued a response, saying: "Thanks to the drummer in The Black Keys calling us the Biggest Band in the World in Rolling Stone. Hehe."

While it may seem like the band were speaking passionately about the death of rock, frontman Dan Auerbach couldn't care less.

"Is rock music dead? Ha. Honestly? I don't really care," he recently told The Independent . "I don't listen to just one kind of music."

He added: "As long as music doesn't die, I'll be OK. All that talk is just fads and stories, and that's not my job. I don't worry about anything other than playing music. We've always ignored the trends."