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Break the speed limit - but not your strings - with Elixir

(Image credit: Elixir Strings)

Elixir Strings deliver exceptional detail and punch, without losing tone, going out of tune or breaking—even under the most extreme performing circumstances.

Just how extreme? 

Enough to withstand the shredding of Austrian guitar phenom Bernth Brodträger, who puts his strings through a punishing barrage of high-octane licks and phrases without worrying about endless re-tunings and inconvenient string changes.

His Elixirs deliver sharp, focused and clear tone whether Brodträger is sounding ringing natural harmonics, traversing the width of the fretboard for dynamic sweep-picking passages or hammering on and pulling off across the length of a string for wild, tapped lines. 

They’re also strong enough to withstand his rapid-fire alternate picking licks, slapped rhythms, wide bends and multiple-digit hybrid- and finger-picked patterns.

Whether performing metal, jazz or instrumental music with a band or as a solo artist, on a stage in front of thousands or one-on-one with a student, Brodträger knows he’ll hit the note every time with his Elixirs - strings that are ready to play whenever you are.