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Conjure ‘90s-era Blues Breaker drive tones with Fredric Effects’ Blue Monarch

Fredric Effects' Blue Monarch conjures '90s-era Blues Breaker tones
(Image credit: Fredric Effects)

Fredric Effects has introduced the Blue Monarch, a new drive pedal based on the ‘90s-era Blues Breaker overdrive, with the mods offered by the King of Tone version of the circuit.

In Fredric’s hands, the overdrive is joined by a redesigned layout with all four controls – gain, volume, tone and treble boost – presented as external knobs, with an added toggle that replaces the DIP switch functions.

There’s also a switchable boost stage, and Fredric has slightly increased the maximum gain available as well.

The Blue Monarch is available for £125 (approx. $165). For more information or to purchase, head to Fredric Effects.