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Could Cicognani Engineering’s Pompeii PE603 Four-Head Sonic Echo be the key to conjuring classic Pink Floyd-like delays?

Cicognani Engineering’s Pompeii PE603 Four-Head Sonic Echo
(Image credit: Godlyke)

Cicognani Engineering's Pompeii PE603 Four-Head Sonic Echo is a modern reproduction of the vintage Binson Echorec P.E. 603 delay used by the likes of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and the Shadows – and it's now available in the USA, thanks to Godlyke.

The Pompeii PE603 delay pedal – named in reference to Pink Floyd, who used an original 603 onstage at their famous 1972 Pompeii, Italy performance – aims to recreate the classic echoes in a smaller, lighter pedal format with improved sonics.

The pedal boasts variable delay times from classic slap-back up to 740 mS of delay, “multi-head” operation with 12 selectable head combinations and a 12AU7 preamp tube for maximum headroom and transparency.

There’s also a swell mode for reverb effects and a varispeed control to simulate motor speed adjustment modulation.

The Pompeii, which sports a plexiglass control face and hammer-tone metal chassis, is available for $549.

For more information, head to Godlyke, which has recently been appointed the exclusive USA distributor for Cicognani Engineering.