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Crank it up with Xotic's new Volume pedals

(Image credit: Xotic Effects)

Though they might not be proper mini-pedals, Xotic's compact new Volume pedals might become the new volume unit of choice for those looking to keep their travel rigs a bit smaller than Kevin Shields'.

The pedals feature an audio potentiometer so users can retain their tone no matter the frequency.

A tuner out also comes standard on the pedals, which feature nylon pivot bushing and a rack pinion design for additional sturdiness.  

(Image credit: Xotic Effects)

The fully hand-wired pedals are available in 250K or 25K iterations - the 250K (in gold) is for passive instruments while the 25K (in red) is for active instruments.

The Xotic Volume pedals are available now for $140. For more info, head on over to