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Daredevil’s control-less Hype boost pedal is “big and nasty in the best possible way”

(Image credit: Daredevil Pedals)

Daredevil Pedals has announced the Hype, a knob-less FET boost pedal that promises a sound that is "big and nasty in the best possible way.”

As Daredevil says about the drive pedal, “less knobs equals more tone.” 

Given that the Hype boasts nothing more than in/out jacks, an on/off LED and a true bypass footswitch, there’s not much to say about operation here.

But we can tell you is that the pedal features a small interior trim pot for output level, which Daredevil says is set at a “decent” boost volume and can be adjusted to taste.

The Hype is handmade in Chicago, runs on 9V DC power and is available for just $89.

For more information, head to Daredevil Pedals.