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Guns N' Roses' Dizzy Reed: "All the Original Band" Will Be at Hall of Fame Ceremony

While no one knows for sure what's going to happen this April in Cleveland at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony when Guns N' Roses are inducted, at least one man seems to have the inside scoop on who will be attending.

Keyboard player and longtime GNR member Dizzy Reed recently told that the entire original lineup -- Axl Rose, Slash, Steven Adler, Izzy Stradlin and Duff McKagan -- would be present for the evening.

"I know that all the original band is going to be there," he said. "I don't know exactly what's going to go down. It's one of those things I'm sure will all come together and be really cool. I'm just going to go in with a good attitude and a clear head and a grateful heart."

While Reed seems fairly confident in his prediction, he did say he hadn't actually spoken with Axl Rose about the induction ceremony.

"Honestly, we haven't spoken about it," Reed told Billboard. "I don't know when or why or how to bring it up. It's not an every day sort of thing. So we haven't really talked about it -- but I'm sure we'll have to at some point."

You can read the full interview here.