Harley Benton doubles down on affordability with new 2-in-1 guitar effects pedal series priced from $67

Harley Benton Double Pedal
(Image credit: Harley Benton)

Champion of affordable guitar gear Harley Benton has added to its ever-expanding line-up of cheap guitar pedals with the Double Pedal series.

Comprising five new units, the series offers two-in-one stompboxes combining a handful of popular effect pairings, including a range of reverbs, modulations and overdrives.

Making up the mix are the Evil Twin, Duality, Double Vision, Twoface, Sugar & Spice and Double Jammer, each featuring two distinct effects controlled via their own footswitch, master parameter control and a range of smaller tone-tweaking knobs.

A three-way toggle switch allows you to change the order of effects, or run them independently.

But here’s the real kicker: they start from just $67, with the most expensive offerings weighing in at the $84 mark. If you were researching how to build a pedalboard on a budget, Harley Benton is amassing a range of products that would go a long way to helping you achieve your goal. 

Here is what's in the Double Pedal range...

Evil Twin Analog Overdrive and Tubedrive

Harley Benton Double Pedal Evil Twin

(Image credit: Harley Benton)

Leading the charge is the Evil Twin, which offers an Analog Overdrive and Tubedrive. One side promises the dynamic range of a tube amp-like drive tone, the other aims to harness Tube Screamer-style sounds.

In practice, they can be used as individual effects or stacked for higher gain output, and are controlled by two independent footswitches. On the Overdrive side, there are control knobs for Drive, Volume and Tone, and a toggle switch that jumps between high-peak and low-peak settings.

On the flip side, there are Drive, Level and Tone knobs and a Hot/Warm toggle switch.

Duality Reverb and Delay

Harley Benton Double Pedal Duality

(Image credit: Harley Benton)

The $84 Duality seeks to satisfy your Reverb/Delay desires in one go, featuring an impressive three reverb modes and three delay types. The former is made up of studio, church and plate, which are at the mercy of mode-selecting toggle switch, Mix and Tone knobs and a master Decay parameter.

It’s joined by Analog, Real and Tape delay settings, which offer up to 780ms of delay time. Knobs for Time, Level and Feedback complete the control set.

Double Vision Analog Tremolo and Chorus

Harley Benton Double Pedal Double Vision

(Image credit: Harley Benton)

Another $67 offering, the Double Vision pits two modulation tones together: tremolo and chorus. In what looks to be the ‘80s throwback artist’s idea of heaven, the pedal is super easy to use, and features just three knobs per effect.

While Chorus is dictated by Level, Depth and Rate, Tremolo is tweaked by way of Speed, Depth and Bias parameters.

Twoface Analog Overdrive and Tremolo

Harley Benton Double Pedal Twoface

(Image credit: Harley Benton)

Another overdrive-based offering, Twoface partners Tube Screamer-style sounds with an analog optical tremolo. Unsurprisingly, the Screamer section features the same controls as found on the Evil Twin – Level, Tone and Drive knobs, and a Hot/Warm toggle switch.

Likewise, the tremolo takes cues from the Double Vision control set, and can be sculpted using Depth, Bias and Speed knobs.

Sugar & Spice Digital Reverb and Delay/Chorus

Harley Benton Double Pedal Sugar & Spice

(Image credit: Harley Benton)

The Sugar & Spice has been specifically tuned for acoustic guitars. It’s another reverb/delay offering, though also adds in a splash of chorus for extra color.

Filter, Mod and Reverb modes can be found on the reverb side of the pedal, while the delay/chorus section offers up to five different settings – Chorus, Tri-Ch, Echo, Ch-DL and DL-Ch – which can be adjusted using the Rate/Time, Level and Depth/Feedback knobs.

Mix and Decay tones can be found on the reverb side, as well as a multi-functional third knob that acts as a Tone, Rate or Range dial depending on the mode selected.

Double Jammer Drum Machine and Looper

Harley Benton Double Pedal Double Jammer

(Image credit: Harley Benton)

Last up is the Double Jammer – an impressive practice companion that contains 11 different genres of drum patterns, 121 drum beats, tap tempo functions and up to 30 minutes of looping time.

The drum genres include R&B, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Reggae, Punk, Metro, Pop, Rock, Metal and Blues, and can be fine-tuned with Tone, Speed and Level knobs. An additional knob located on the Looper style sorts out the Groove side of things, with a Loop Level parameter rounding off the spec sheet.

The Dual Pedal series is out now, available via Thomann. To find out more, head over to Harley Benton.

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