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Hudson Electronics teams with guitarist Ariel Posen for new Broadcast-AP preamp pedal

(Image credit: courtesy of Hudson Electronics)

Hudson Electronics has announced the new Broadcast-AP preamp, a collaboration with Canadian guitarist Ariel Posen.

The new effect pedal boasts the same class-A discrete, transformer-coupled circuitry as Hudson’s Broadcast, and is designed to saturate in a manner similar to that of recording and broadcast consoles. 

But the Broadcast-AP also swaps the original’s germanium transistor for silicon, and uses an OEP transformer in place of its older brother’s Triad. 

The result is what Hudson calls a “darker, smoother, more powerful tone,” with thicker lows, as well as clear upper mids and highs.

The Broadcast-AP’s control layout is fairly streamlined, boasting level and gain trim potentiometers and a low cut switch that activates a high-pass/low-cut filter. 

Additionally, the gain of the pedal can be increased via an internal trimmer for fuzzier, more “broken-up” sounds (the low-cut switch is likewise adjustable courtesy of two internal trimmers).

The pedal run at voltages between 9V and 24V; higher voltages offers more headroom, output level and clarity, ideal for use as a clean boost.

The Broadcast-AP is available for order exclusively via UK seller Andertons, at a price of £189 (approx. $232). You can pick one up here.