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Joyo’s Atmosphere reverb features Shimmer, Comet and, erm, Forest settings

(Image credit: courtesy of Joyo Audio)

Joyo Audio has introduced the Atmosphere reverb pedal, which packs nine digital reverb types under one enclosure.

The new pedal covers all of reverb’s greatest hits, including plate, shimmer and spring, but also adds in some, um, unique options, among them Comet, which Joyo describes as “if the comet orbits between your amp and guitar,” and Forest, which sounds like a “a sunbath in the forest”.

The different verbs are optioned via a rotary knob, and there are also mix, decay and tone controls.

(Image credit: courtesy of Joyo Audio)

Other features include LEDs on the top, back and sides of the pedal, which can be controlled by the footswitch, and flicker with the frequency of the reverb effect in use.

The R-14 Atmosphere is available for $89. For more information, head over to Joyo.