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Only guitarist in your band? The OPFXS Asteroide sampler and harmonizer could be a game-changer

We’re big fans of OPFXS’s impressively out-there designs like the Dig Deep sub-harmonic generator, and now the Italian firm has introduced another unique offering, the Asteroide bass note sampler and harmonizer effects pedal.

The Asteroide offers controls for dual or single mode sampling, fundamental, low octave, high harmonics, 2nd harmonic and mix, as well as sample and bypass footswitches.

The pedal samples a bass note when the footswitch is depressed, and the sampled note is played back following input envelope.

(Image credit: OPFXS)

From there, tweak the various knobs to mix the dry signal with the sampled signal at fundamental, low octave and higher harmonics for new worlds of sound.

It's typical of OPFXS's clever approach, and given the quality of the sampled note, the pedal could really fill out your overall sound, especially if you're the lone guitarist in your band.

The Asteroide boasts a transparent dry signal path and stereo output, and runs on standard 9-volt DC input.

The pedal is available for 180€, or approx. $200. For more information, head to OPFXS.