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Dig Deep with OPFXS' new sub-harmonic generator on the latest episode of Cooking with Sound

When a particularly interesting piece of electric guitar gear - one that really stands out from the ever-growing pack - comes across our desks at Guitar World, we like to push things a bit farther than usual, and see just how many tasty sounds we can cook up with it. 

With that in mind, and with the six-string skill sets of our Tech Editor, the one and only Paul Riario, and our Video Editor, the great Alan Chaput, we created a series to document those experiments, Cooking with Sound!

On today's episode, Paul and Alan get a hold of OPFXS' Dig Deep sub-harmonic generator, asking that most pertinent question: "How low can you go?"

After taking viewers through the pedal's many features, they - Strat and SG in hand - set about trying to answer it, cooking up some truly amazing sounds and fantastic grooves with only their respective electrics and the Dig Deep pedal. You can hear them all for yourself above.

To get cooking with your own Dig Deep pedal, head on over to OPFXS.