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Sunn O)))’s Life Pedal returns to drone once more

Back in June, iconic drone-metal icons Sunn O))) announced the Life Pedal, a brutally heavy collaboration with EarthQuaker Devices. The resultant run of 1,000 distortion pedals sold out within hours, but fortunately it’s been given a second lease of, erm, life.

The new version boasts a frankly stunning gold enclosure, with 300 available from Reverb, and another 200 to be sold directly by the band while on tour.

EarthQuaker Devices/Sunn O))) Life Pedal

(Image credit: EarthQuaker Devices)

As per the original, the Life Pedal is designed to nail the sound of Sunn O)))’s latest album, Life Metal - minus the band’s namesake Model T amps, natch.

Onboard is an octave fuzz based on vintage Shin-Ei FY2 and FY6 pedals, run into an LM308-loaded Rat-style distortion, with added clipping switching options for op amp, asymmetric and symmetric.

Add in a second stage of clean boost, and you have one preposterously gained-out dirtbox.

You can be among the first to get hold of one over at Reverb - the price of the original was $249, so we're expecting a similar figure this time around.

Michael Astley-Brown

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