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The new 1,100-page ‘Guitar Solo’ is “the most comprehensive book on guitar that has ever been written"

Guitar Solo book
(Image credit: CEM Publishing)

Looking for the ultimate instructional on how to master the art of the guitar solo?

Look no further. 

A new book from CEM Publishing, titled, appropriately, Guitar Solo, is the largest and most comprehensive study of the form.

How comprehensive? Try 1,100 pages, all filled with tabs, notes, lessons, tips, tricks and much, much more. 

Guitar Solo is geared toward every level of player, from beginner to advanced, covers a range of techniques – from chords to challenging arpeggios – and spans a variety of styles, from rock, blues and pop to heavy metal and shred. 

Guitar Solo book

(Image credit: CEM Publishing)

What’s more, there’s notes and tabs in various keys for pentatonic, diatonic, modes, triads, chord progressions, cadences and inversions, as well as 16th-note-runs, power chords, arpeggios, shred, drop-D notes with keys and must-know exercises. 

You also get illustrations and graphics for additional support and explanation, and even some – but not too much – music theory. Because according to the publishers, “it's the practice that counts.”

And despite its size, Guitar Solo is incredibly easy to follow and utilize as a learning tool. The essentials are straight to the point and distinctly illustrated, and the text is in both German and English. The layout, meanwhile, is engagingly designed and presented in a manner that motivates learning. 

Most of all, Guitar Solo is written from personal experience with the best know-how, lots of instructions and decisive insider tips.

​​But don’t just take our word for it – heed the advice of one of the fastest guitar players in the world, Michael Angelo Batio, who calls Guitar Solo “the most comprehensive book on guitar that has ever been written." 

And Batio should know. 

Pick up a copy at Thomann US or Thomann UK.

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