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Video: 'Journey of the Guitar Solo' Traces 50 Years of Soloing History

It's time once again to share something fairly interesting that wound up in my inbox this morning.

This time it's a just-posted YouTube video called "Journey of the Guitar Solo."

Here's the info posted with the video:

"In this video, we focus on the electric guitar solo in its mainstream form. The electric guitar was and is still doing wild stuff across unprecedented amounts of sub-genres. The acoustic guitar has also been doing amazing things for hundreds of years, but this video focuses on what happened to electric guitar in mainstream Western music."

In the video, guitarist Mark Sidney Johnson leads the viewer through 28 songs spanning more than 50 years in a medley that takes a look at the evolving roll of the guitar solo. Despite some issues with chronological accuracy (Why does the Shadows' "Apache" from 1960 follow the Beatles' "Day Tripper" and the Stones' "Satisfaction" from 1965 and, even worse, the Who's "Pinball Wizard" from 1969? I could go on about this ...), it has its nice moments.

But Fact Man might want to brush up on his facts.

This video was posted by CDZA.