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AXOLOGY: Blackheart Heats Up the Hothead

Blackheart Engineering’s new BH100H Hothead is a full-featured 100-watt workhorse amp head design for plug-and-play ease and versatile tone. It has two power modes (Class AB and Class A), each of which is divisible by pentode (full-power) and triode (half-power) operation to create four powerful voices: Class AB/Pentode: 100 watts of unhinged power Class AB/Triode: 50 watts, tighter headroom, crisper gain Class A/Pentode: 60 watt, plenty of headroom, nice and plucky Class A/Triode: 30 watts, less headroom, more responsive to attack The Hothead has two channels — Loud and F’n Loud — each selectable by a mini toggle on the faceplate or remotely via the included footswitch, and each voiced through its own dedicated EQ section. The Loud channel is voiced to range from crisp cleans to classic rock and heavy blues tones. Its controls include drive, level, treble, middle and bass. The F’n Loud channel is voiced to capture classic crunch to sweet overdriven lead tones, all shapeable via pots for gain, level, treble, middle and bass.