You CAN Carry On Your Guitar. It’s the Law.



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Thanks for the information about how to take our guitar to another country, but at the time of travel I always worry for my instruments, No matter safety I will take.


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WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot - No, it isn't rude. Professional musicians are traveling with instruments that are worth several thousands of dollars, often irreplaceable. Beyond that, the underbelly of a plane is not usually temperature-controlled, which wreaks havoc on musical instruments, especially instruments made of wood. They can be quickly ruined.

I understand that it is an inconvenience to make others check their suitcases, but if you put yourself in the shoes of the person who owns the guitar, I'm sure you can see that the multi-thousand-dollar musical instrument (often in transport so the person can do his or her job) doesn't really compare to a Samsonite full of socks and underwear.

And to the other commenter, "at the time of boarding" means that once you have put your guitar in the overhead bin, it stays. It is first-come, first-serve. The flight attendant cannot take your guitar out of the bin for people who arrive after you. Later passengers will have their baggage checked, not you.



No matter what the laws are, the only truly effective precautions you can take if you must fly with your guitar are buy a quality hard case with quality locking latches and, most importantly, get your guitar insured. Even with these (fairly) new regulations, it's still not guaranteed that there will be enough free overhead room, or staff who aren't ignorant of the regulations (and will believe you when you show them) and are willing to accommodate you.



So as long as you're on the plane before them, it's okay if 2 or 3, or maybe even 4 other people have to gate check their carry on bags because your guitar is taking up an entire overhead bin by itself? That is a real dick move, especially on a full flight.



I just traveled across the country, two flights each way. 3 of the 4 flights were no problem. The one flight the boarding agent was almost militant in his dislike of the guitar. I showed him the new FAA Regulation and I was part of the first boarding group so there was plenty of room. He would have none of it. Anyway he finally said he was going to ask the flight crew. We walked down to the plane and the flight crew had no problem and there was plenty of room. The really weird part was that as I was walking down the ramp there was another guy with a guitar and they gave him no problem at all. When we got on the plane he went left (1st class) and I went right (coach). I guess that answers that.



How is this news? And you get all excited about "at the time you board the aircraft" - it still means that if there isn't space because of everyone else's bags already on board, you'll have to gate check the guitar. That's always been the risk I had to judge when I travelled. So far, my best bet has been Southwest, since they have all larger planes, with large luggage compartments.

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