Ask Ted Nugent: The Nuge Weighs In on Hunting, Gibson Byrdlands, Absolutism and Ballsiness



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dr dave

Ted, dont know if you remember me but i hunted with you as a young man and my uncle, also a troop of mine mikey, grew up next to you and proved it by having your organization send some music while i was over the pond, and we each other in the are near in the up. Anyway, I have met a guy who is into guns, archery, hunting, and he totally idolizes you more than I! he would vote for you and all his memoralbilia hunting vehicle and all else is as yours, he is verry down to earth us conractor and hismain dream is to one day hunt with you, he states he would do whatever it took! He is no nut and quite capable of funding himself and its all about balls so I knowing you just a little deeply felt that you two would be a great match and im rather interested for both parties to if you would like to meet your people may contact me and I will provide them with info! A loyal follower! dave


I am a 49 Y.O. beginner, at the guitar that is. Is there any advice you can give me. I currently own a Les Paul Studio, a Fender Stratocaster Kenny Wayne Shepherd model( I like the big frets) a Line 6 tube amp an a few effects pedals. Any advice would be appreciated, your fan William "Tom" Branch

P.S. I am a Right Wing Conservative gun owner. Well I am so far to the right I can't make left turns. GOD BLESS THE USA, VOTE REPUBLICAN, lets get rid of the spendaholic moron in 2012



The post says to leave a question in the comments and it might be answered in a later post. The question I have always had since the '70's is (and believe me, this questions has eaten me up for over 30 years)

How much overdubbing or post studio guitar corrections were done on the Double Live Gonzo album, especially on songs such as Hibernation?

Big Ted fan.... Thanks very much.



Go to his website & get involved - he will respond to your posts there - are you afraid? Ted isn't...........................wha?



Good ol' Viet Namm draft dodger chickenhawk Ted. He was all against Viet Namm when there was a chance he would have to serve ( crapped his own pants and acted mentally retarded to get out of the draft..i know, not much of a stretch for him. Its true, his own words, Look it up ) but after 9/11 when he was too old to serve he was all gung ho. How convenient. As far as hunting ? I hunt. And i support those who do, but i don't support this D bag. Ted hunts fenced in animals on his own property. How sporting. I could go on and on. The only thing i liked musically from him was the first Damn Yankees album. He is over rated. And an A hole. Look up a youtube thing of him trying to charge fans for autographs. What other rockstar does this ? Other than Gene Simmons.



The old Draft Dodger argument again and the crap his pants story. Wasn't that in High Times. A publication with the greatest fact checkers and utmost journalistic integrity. They also fail to mention Uncle Ted used to be contacted by, as he calls them, "drooling brain dead drugged out maggots" who could not keep a question or single sentence straight who showed up at the interviews so messed up they could not see straight. Uncle Ted has made it known he often made up a bunch of BS to see what would end up in print at the end of the interview. And the man has never charged me for an autograph. The last one I got was in July 2011 and didn't have to pay for it, but anyone who is halfway intelligent in the music industry knows which folks are true fans and who is trying to make a buck by getting something signed, slapping it in a box and putting it on Ebay.

By the way people on both sides of the coin did not want to go to the mismanaged war in Viet Nam.



BS - go to & check out what Uncle Ted has done/does/will do for military, law enforcement & general safety - hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, guess what? He no chargy wargy for his time - he just freak, he are wrong................simply wrong...........anyway, eat a peach & enjoy



Ted is a joke and not a funny one at that. He is a waste of a good talent. Tis a pity.



I was curious when ted started writing his first music seriously? and does he still sit down to practice guitar or does he sit down and just play? How many hours per day of practice does he recommend?



Great blog!

What is more pertinent in attempting to harness feedback from the Byrdlands: amp volume or position in relation to the amp?

When selecting a guitar, be it a Byrdland, Les Paul, or PRS, what do you look for? Meaning playability, what it sounds like acoustically, sounds like through an amp, etc.



Ted is a's truuuuuuueeeeeee!



Ted is my hero. I'm a 32 year police veteran and a lifetime guitar player. I've met him a few times. He is a true American treasure and an American Icon.



Killing on guitar and Killing in the fields! You are a legend! And Greg Smith is the perfect musical compliment! Great blog!

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