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Review: Blackstar Blackfire 200 Gus G. Signature Head

When Gus G. became Ozzy Osbourne’s axman in 2009, the Greek shredder quickly became as scrutinized as the celebrated guitarists that preceded him in Ozzy’s band, including Zakk Wylde, Jake E. Lee and Randy Rhoads. While his predecessors had relied on Marshall amps, the core of Gus G.’s sound came from high-wattage Blackstar Series One heads. ... …

Exclusive: Firewind Streaming New Album, 'Few Against Many'

Greek power metal icons Firewind will unleash their new album, Few Against Many, next Tuesday, May 22. In case you can't wait that long — and we have a feeling you can't — we've got the full album streaming exclusively on from now until release date. Listen below! ... …