Interview: The Winery Dogs — Richie Kotzen, Billy Sheehan and Mike Portnoy — Talk Debut Album, Gear, Technique and More



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The Shred King ...

GEENGADE check out Blue Murder with John Sykes. This was really the first true three piece where the singer was also the guitar shredder.

The Winery Dogs rule!



This will be good for Richie with his guitar and singing capabilities. This will give guitarist and shredders alike a look on how it’s done with singing capabilities. This has not been done really in a three piece as far a having someone that sings and shreds. I hope their second CD is also in the works. I will definitely give it a listen. Richie has been a very motivational guitarist for me. I really liked his solo chops one and two.



Rock on man. Rock on.

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