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100 Greatest Guitar Solos: No. 16 "Heartbreaker" (Jimmy Page)

Performing a convincing solo in a group context is difficult for any musician, but it takes a real man to stand unaccompanied and deliver. On “Heartbreaker,” Jimmy Page did just that. For an electrifying 45 seconds, Pagey let loose sans rhythm section, and, needless to say, the guitar world has never been quite the same. ... …

101 Amazing Licks - Lick 23

We all know a great lick when we hear one—Jimmy Page’s solo breaks in “Whole Lotta Love” and Mark Knopfler’s blistering triads in “Sultans of Swing,” for example. Moments like these grab your attention and aurally brand your ears forever. Or, sometimes it acts more subliminally: You suddenly find yourself playing a certain lick over and over again, wondering, Where have I heard this before? ... …

Gibson Releases Jimmy Page Double Neck

  Click for a full Double Neck view Click to view the Double Neck's pickups Click for another pickup viewClick for a bridge close-upClick to view the Double Neck's backClick to view all Page Double Necks Click for Page Double Neck close-ups      Custom Shop Jimmy Page Signature Double Neck      An iconic symbol of rock and roll's power and possibility, the double neck has always... …