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Exclusive Video Premiere: The Jason Spooner Band’s “Fireflies”

Today we’re excited to premiere The Jason Spooner Band’s video for “Fireflies.”

If you’re having a hard time letting go of summer, then this video’s for you.

The “Fireflies” video is built on a creative idea that allowed fans to be included in the video-making process.

Fans were encouraged to visit, download “Fireflies” for free, and upload a summery photo or video that could be included in the song’s official video.

As a result, the video is filled with beautiful images of landscapes, sunrises, sunsets, coastlines, lakes and more that are 100% fan submitted.

“The response was instantaneous and incredible to watch,” says Jason. “Shots came in from all over the country and we really saw first-hand what our fans were up to for the summer. And we got a very cool account of how the song was speaking to them.”

Video aside, it’s easy to visualize summer listening to “Fireflies.” The acoustic guitars, pedal steel and harmonica combine to take the song in surprising directions, while Spooner’s relaxed delivery and his band’s uncomplicated yet energetic playing make it the perfect track for winding down after a long hot day.

“For ‘Fireflies,’ I forced myself to look around on one of those classic summer days and simply relay the scenes around me,” Jason shares. “The song is essentially a series of vignettes or snap-shots of the warm season… essentially a love letter to summer.”

“Fireflies” appears on The Jason Spooner Band’s upcoming album, Chemical, which is available September 16.

Check it out the video below and find out more at