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10-Year-Old Blind Boy Plays Robert Johnson-Style Acoustic Blues — Video

The viral video below shows a 10-year-old blind boy, Felix St. Hilare of Quebec, Canada, performing a bit of Robert Johnson-style Delta blues on acoustic guitar, which he plays flat on his lap, much like the late Jeff Healey.

Felix, who speaks French, has the coolest pajamas and clearly knows his way around a blues turnaround. He even does a fine job singing in English, capturing the feel of an "ooooooh-ing" Johnson in a few choice spots.

Felix was born blind, a result of his premature birth. His mother, Marie-Eve Soucy, said her son was always fascinated by music and used to play with tam-tams in his high chair as a baby.

For more information about Felix, check out this story.

Be sure to enjoy this brief open-tuned masterpiece!

The top video embed code below is from Cifras' post on Facebook. We hope it works for you! If it doesn't, and you merely see the word "Post," click on that; it will take you to the video.

Post by Cifras.