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Dave Bruzza of Greensky Bluegrass: What's on My Playlist

(Image credit: Dylan Langille)

1. “Acorn Tree”—Lyle Brewer

I love Lyle’s style. The melodies are so beautiful in this song; it makes me feel like it’s autumn in the woods.

2. “While I’m Waiting Here”—Billy Strings

Witnessing Billy come into his own as a writer has been such a pleasure. He’s one of the best flatpickers I’ve heard! He’s about as honest as music gets.

3. “Via Chicago”—Wilco (from Kicking Television: Live in Chicago)

I love the chaos that happens while simultaneously staying together; it’s absolutely masterful to me. It’s a raw, emotional tune that’s so musically unique.

4. “America Religious”—Caroline Rose

This song came out of nowhere for me. I love the way it drives along with incredible lyrics — true poetry. When I first heard it I wasn’t familiar with her music, but this song is just that good. I had to listen to it over and over!

5. “Tennessee Jed”—The Grateful Dead (from Europe ’72)

I wouldn’t be here if I’d never listened to the Grateful Dead. They were and are timeless and an important part of the fabric of American music.