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Glenn Proudfoot Shares Transcription of New Song, "Perfect"

Last month, posted the exclusive premiere of "Perfect," a new instrumental track by guitarist and frequent Guitar World contributor Glenn Proudfoot.

Today, we have the sequel, if you will. It's the official transcription of the song, courtesy of Proudfoot.

The song is from his new album, Ineffable, which is available now through and iTunes.

"When writing instrumental pieces, I'm always very conscious of the fact that they need to be played as a three piece," Proudfoot says. "So with this track I'm incorporating the bass notes into the melody. This allows the listener to hear the chordal changes even though they're not being played as such, but only with the melody.

"It's very important to think of these things when writing a track; there is no use producing a track with layers and layers of guitars if there's no way you can re-create it live. This is why I do my best to always represent the track on the album how it will be played live.

"I recorded this track with the Victory V100 head into a 4x12 box and my No. 1 Stratocaster. When recording I always like to keep my chain as simple as possible. I use my Ulbrick 12 AXE pedal, which is a classic-sounding overdrive, and that's it. No delays or reverbs, etc., just the purest sound I can get straight from the amp.

"After the guitars are recorded, we will then step into production mode and start adding the delays or reverbs if necessary. This allows more control over the sound in the mixing stages."

"Perfect" was recorded at Screamlouder Productions in Melbourne, Australia. It was shot, edited and produced by Peter Reggie Bowman for Screamlouder Productions.

You can follow Proudfoot on YouTube or Facebook.

Perfect - Transcription

Damian Fanelli

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