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Guitarist Ramon Ortiz Premieres New Song, “Cruising Time” — Exclusive Playthrough Video

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of “Cruising Time,” a new song—and playthrough video—by Puerto Rican guitar sensation Ramon Ortiz.

The track is from Ortiz's new album, Portal, which will be released September 15. It's available for preorder right here.

Ortiz's career has always been characterized by the exploration of seemingly incompatible musical genres and the relentless pursuit of fusing them together. His music ranges in influence, craftily balancing traditional shred with Latin American rhythmic instrumentation and various fusion elements.

Portal showcases these influences and more, and progresses even beyond Ortiz’s first solo record, Ortiz (2012). This first record initially introduced fans to Ortiz’s undeniable musical ability in a solo setting, and reached the top 20 most-played tracks on Sirius XM Liquid Metal as published by Revolver.

For more about Ortiz, visit and follow him on Facebook.

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