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Mike Dawes: What's on My Playlist

(Image credit: Frankie Jazz)

1. “Be My Mistake” - The 1975

I’ve been a fan of these guys for a while. Smart lyrics, production and an honest expression combine to produce a beautiful melancholic performance about guilt, and possibly acceptance.

2. “Blood Eagle” - Periphery

When every other metal band seems to soften up their sound with success, these guys just bring the savagery. Not only that, but they’re among the nicest people in the world. Yep.

3. “Spiritual Groove” -  Antoine Dufour

I used to listen to this as I walked to the college bus through the woods in England. It’s so awesome on so many levels; brilliant interplay between acoustic guitar and violin. It also somehow sounds kind of metal.

4. “The Equalizer (Not Alone)” - The Midnight

A couple of NAMM shows ago, I was driving down Sunset Boulevard in a friend’s Mustang at midnight and this came on. That’s basically the vibe of this tune. I adore it.

5. “Bronte” - Gotye

A very powerful song that I’ve loved since I heard Making Mirrors. I was going to try and arrange it for solo guitar. Maybe one day.